At the Youngtimer Classic Car Rallye

By Bob Rupani

I was invited to participate in the Creme 21 Youngtimer Classic Car Rallye in Germany from September 17to 22. This event had 200 teams and I was the only non-German. In fact no Indian has participated in this event before.

My co-driver was Tim Westermann – a Germany auto journalist and experienced racing driver. And ours was the only Indo- German team on the event.

Volkswagen Classic Museum loaned us a 1973 VW K 70-making about 100 bhp. In 5 days we drove over 1000 kms on interior roads of Germany with Tim doing the driving on 2 days and me on the other 3 days.

We both pushed hard and were able to even run with and pass some far more powerful cars. Had a real dice all through the event with an Alfa Romeo Giulia and Austin Mini Cooper S.

Apart from the fuel the car consumed – a record amount of German beer, sausages and schnitzels were also enjoyed by us.

A truly fun event!

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