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A ride down memory lane

A ride down memory lane
By Cecile Rischmann I must have been 17 the first time I stepped into Eswari Library. Mr. Palani was sitting with his famous logbook, head bent in deep concentration as…Read more

Two films, two dimensions

By Nikhil Raghavan Friday turned out to be an interesting day. Watched two interesting movies in a single day. Not outstanding ones, but not boring either. Neither ‘Oscar’ material nor…Read more

Simply Ultra Vogue – that’s SUV for you

Photos by Anand Philar The average Indian terrain, which includes our famously pot-holed roads, is verdant hunting grounds for SUV manufacturers (Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV, is the technical nomenclature).…Read more

Rowdy dogs and street fights

By Shashidhar Menon Of late there have been very sad instances of stray dogs being killed. It is good to try and stop all this against the poor dumb animals;…Read more

Tellicherry and Cricket history

By Nikhil Raghavan While cricket has a very illustrious history in India, thanks to world class cricketers and several stadia drawing millions of spectators during matches, not many know that…Read more