Crafted with Panache – Jewelled Treasures

FICCI Ladies Organization (FICCI FLO), Chennai Chapter presents the launch of “Jewelled Treasures”, an exposition of exquisite jewellery at ITC Grand Chola from 15th to 17th February.

“Jewelled Treasures”  will showcase masterpieces from  leading Indian designers and  iconic Indian fashion and Lifestlye Jewellery boutiques. This will include collections spread across categories like designer, bridal, men’s collection, antique jewellery, contemporary designer ornaments and more. Talking of the connection between the retail opportunities and bettering the prospects and reputation of Indian jewellery, FICCI FLO Senior Vice Chairperson Sudha Shivkumar  says, “The exposition looks towards promoting the Indian artisan, and India as the innovation and design destination for  jewellery.”

Some notable brands and designers who will be showcasing their collections under fashion jewellery are as follows: Outhouse by Sasha and Kaabia Grewal with contemporary styles characterised by quirky, bohemian and avant garde aesthetics; and Isharya with embellished wood and resin jewellery- blending western and Indian style elements for a global appeal. Silver Centrre by Sangeeta Boochra is based out of Jaipur and presents traditionally crafted jewellery by Rajasthani Karigars and artisans, with touches of luxurious contemporariness, while Breathing Space by Eina Ahluwalia carry a soulfulness borne of traditionally crafted and hand-made jewellery revolving around themes of feminism and spirituality. Organic brand Aeshaane by Neesha Amrish will be seen platforming sustainable eco fashion with exclusive hand crafted jewellery and fabric, whose collection is inspired by Geometrics and Origami and is being showcased at Victoria and Albert Museum” in London. Jewellery by brands Folklore and Adiya incorporating traditional Indian elements will also seen be making their presence felt.

Fine Jewellery  includes intricately crafted pieces by some distinguished brands and designers such as Shachee Fine Jewellery which marries unconventional material like glass with traditional handwork ( They  are launching their Venetian and Garden of Bliss collection.), Shrians Jewels whose collections are  inspired by nature and Mughal era with specialised array of Kundan Polki and stones set in 22 carat gold. Vasundhara by Vasundhara and Neha Anumolu display exquisite handmade masterpieces.  P.C. Totuka & Sons from Jaipur display their famous emeralds 84 ratnas and jewellery with Jadaau work. Other prominent jewellers showcasing their ornaments are P M Jain and Jaipur Emporium with rare Moghul pieces fashioned of gold, with enamel, kundan, meena, jadau and rose cut diamond studded jewellery.

Specially launched for the first time in Chennai is the art jewellery ” Art on the body- a collection of wearable sculptures/jewellery, curated by Ms. Sharon Appa Rao. There will also be a fashion walk by jewellery houses choreographed by Sheetal Sharma during the exposition. The guests can expect a smorgasbord of fine and fashion jewellery, choicely picked and on display for all jewellery connoisseurs. Mr. Manoj of M/s United Exhibition says, “Indian jewellery carry so much vivacity and beauty within each unique motif that getting them together on a exhibition platform is a truly exhilarating experience”.


FICCI Ladies Organization (FICCI-FLO) is the women wing of Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), the apex business chamber of India. Established in 1983, FLO is a national body with the prime objective of women empowerment through the promotion of entrepreneurship and professional excellence. Over the last 31 years of FLO’s existence, it has grown as an organization and today it is one of the most prestigious pan-India business organizations with 13 chapters and over 3900 members across India. It is committed to working towards women empowerment through business women development and capacity building initiatives besides other programmes. The Chapters are: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow-Kanpur, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Northeast & Pune. Their Chairperson of the Chennai chapter for 2015-16 is Dr.Vijaya Bharathi Rangarajan.

About United Exhibitions:

United Exhibitions is a trade show and exhibition organizer with additional marketing and promotional campaigns, who are reputed for projects such as “International Jewellery Trade Show” in association with Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries – Tamil Nadu in 2015, “Jewelled Treasures” in concurrence with World Crafts Council in 2011 and 2012 respectively and so on. Mr. Manoj of United Exhibitions has several jewellery exhibitions to his credit.


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