Creating Art out of Scrap

By Nikhil Raghavan

For the second year in running, the men in blue at one of India’s leading automotive companies – Hyundai, went green. Re-cycling achieved a new nomenclature – Up-cycling, when valueless, unusable cast-away scrap from the factory shop floors were creatively transformed into art and decorative items. Hyundai Motors India Limited is the second largest car manufacturer and the number one car exporter since inception in India.

Enthused by the very positive response to the first edition of the Scrap to Sculpture program and ensuing exhibition in 2017, this year’s edition of the ‘Scrap to Art’ saw employees transforming routine factory scrap into unique collectibles. Items like metal sheets, conveyor frames, nuts, bolts, pipes, wires, bearings, were given a fresh lease of life by the artistic imagination of 20 teams who participated this year, up from 12 teams of 2017.

The items on display revealed the intricate work behind each item, reflecting the attention to detail and creativity of the artists themselves. The results are stunning yet thought-provoking artefacts. With these creations, they unearthed the beauty in industrial products; especially those past their prime; decimating the concept of ‘ugly’ and proving that there is beauty in everything, provided we have the vision to see it!

This year’s exhibits include Scale-model of a tractor, a life-like replica of a fire-spitting dragon, a collection of animal forms like including lion, bird, dragonfly, dog, tortoise, etc., scale models of various forms of transportation including a military tanker, helicopter, cars, bikes, etc.

“Conservation runs in the DNA of every Hyundain. Since 1998, they have been creating stunning floats from scrapped materials during the Ayudha Puja celebrations. This exhibition once again underscores the organization culture of “waste not, want not’; revive, reuse and recycle!” says Stephen Sudhakar J., Sr. VP – HR & General Admin., HMIL.

The HR department plans to explore possibilities of making more of each of these models for sale to the general public both through their own cooperatives, neighbourhood initiatives or other avenues.

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