Director Vijay Sri’s Dhadha 87- 2.0, has Charu Hasan as the protagonist

Dhadha 87 film was released last year and received positive reviews from the audience. Charu Hasan acted as the protagonist. The film was written and directed by Vijay Sri. Charu Hasan played a local don and proved why he was the National award winner for his versatile acting.

While his younger brother Kamal Haasan is referred to as Ulaga Nayagan, Charu Hasan is fondly referred to as Vayathin Ulaga Nayagan as he has acted in Dhadha 87 at the age of 87.

Dhadha 87 film’s teaser was released at the time of Kaala film teaser and was appreciated worldwide for its making. On seeing that, the fans requested the director that Charu Hasan should act as a don throughout a film. Finally the director has accepted their request. Yes. They are (Charu Hasan, Vijay Sri) joining hands for the second time.

The strength of the protagonist is not just based on his body strength; it’s his mental strength, too and the protagonist should also be a clever man. Dhadha 87 -2.0 movie’s premise is based on this concept. How a local Don emerges as a World Don by his wisdom, is the core concept of the film. Leading actors and veteran actors, who have not been on the screen for years are also to be roped in for this film.


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