Ijaaz Ebrahim’s dreams are coming true

Ijaaz Ebrahim’s dreams are coming true

From Business Management to the silver screen, has been an exciting journey for Ijaaz Ebrahim. It must have been a skit or drama which Ijaaz acted in during his school days, when he was only 6 years old, that stirred an interest in becoming an actor. After graduating in Business Management, Ijaaz worked as an online promoter for the Malayalam film industry in Kochi, Kerala. In the process, Ijaaz founded two online movie news publishing companies – Oolas Media and Mollywood Mad.

Ijaaz’s interest in acting led him to act in 4 short films directed and produced by his friends. His friendship with Arjun Ashokan, son of Harishree Ashokan resulted in a call from an associate director for auditioning for the lead role in An International Local Story, where he eventually played the role of Krishnan, the younger version of Tini Tom in the movie.

“Presently I’m also committed for 2 new Malayalam movies – an untitled movie of Suhail Shaji and another project named “Oru Vadakkan Pangali” which will start filming soon,” says Ijaaz Ebrahim.


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