Jyotika’s new film, Kaatrin Mozhi

Jyotika’s new film, Kaatrin Mozhi

The entire team of “Kaatrin Mozhi” including Jyotika, Vidaarth, Lakshmi Manchu, Director Radha Mohan, Producer Dhananjayan, Music Director AH Kaashif and everyone from the team we’re present at a recent press meet prior to the release of  the film.

Actress Jyotika said, “Acting in remake films are always a huge challenge. It’s because, usually hit movies are remade and we have a huge responsibility to perform well. Especially, a film like Tumhari Sulu, where Vidya Balan has given a fabulous performance, the responsibility is much heavier. It’s been 12 years gap after working in Mozhi that I am once again working with Radha Mohan. Nothing has changed and everything including the pressure, responsibility and excitements were as same as in Mozhi. The highlighting trait about the film is the chemistry between husband and wife.” Jyotika continued to add humorous touch to her speech saying, “In around 55-60 films I have done, this is one film that was completely shot in air-conditioned room.”

Getting on to speak about Lakshmi Manchu, she said, “She has been the life of the movie and thank God, she came for the final schedule. Because, we felt so much of dullness during the patch up works as she had already left.”

On Vidaarth, she said, “I have been comfortable all through my career working with Suriya, Ajith and Madhavan. I would say, it’s Vidaarth who has been so much supportive on the sets. I am sure, he will definitely win everyone’s appreciations.”

Actor Vidaarth said, “It has been a long time dream to work with Radha Mohan. I have been admirer of his movies and am happy that my long run dream has come true. Working with Jyotika mam has been something that I had never imagined. I happened to play a small role in her Magalir Mattum, where we shot for a day. When I went back home, my wife asked me why I didn’t click a photo with her. My Mom and wife happen to be her great fans and that made them ask so. But now to work with her in a movie is a big dream come true. Actually, the first day’s shooting of the film was to involve a lengthy dialogue. Especially to perform it when a giant actor like Jyotika is beside me gave me uttermost nervousness. But she made me comfortable with her support. When it comes to choosing movies, I always love to have a long list of good quality movies at my home library. “Kaatrin Mozhi” will be definitely one of them.”

Actress Lakshmi Manchu said, “Every moment in the film was a joy. I had been a great fan of Jyotika and working with her made me nervous for the initial days. She is someone who just gives the best with complete involvement. Chennai is always special to me as I grew up here. I am keeping fingers crossed that the film becomes a good hit and gains me more offers that I may get settled here forever.”

Filmmaker Radha Mohan said, “Everyone has done a good job and it has been a positive vibration and I am thankful to Dhananjayan for having made this project come out well. Jyotika has given her best into the role. I am sure the movie will be liked by all.”

Music Director AH Kaashif said, “I have no words to say other than thanks as I have been here now with the debut after 3-4 years of struggle. I got this opportunity to compose music for “Kaatrin Mozhi” and am happy about the good reception of songs. We have now completed composing background score for this film.”

Cinematographer Mahesh Muthusamy said, “I have been a great fan of Mozhi movie and am so delighted to work with director Radha Mohan. It has been a wonderful experience with league of talents. I am sure that the film will be loved by universal audiences.”

Art Director Kathir said, “As Radha Mohan said everyone in the film is so much talented and are completely dedicated that made the shooting wrap up on time as planned ahead before the filming commenced.”

Dialogue writer Pon Parthiban said, “For the first time when I met him as a fan of Radha Mohan. I am thankful to producer Dhananjayan and Radha Mohan for being appreciative in many places for my dialogues.”

National award winning Costume Designer Poornima Ramaswamy said, “This is the first time in my career that I have worked in a colourful movie. The central character of the film – Vijayalakshmi herself is a colourful one that has made the entire film more embellished. I am so much happy to have worked with Lakshmi Manchu for being so much supportive. She would easily accept any costume and would have a perfect look with her charisma.”

Choreographer Viji said, “Everything in this film has been so much exhilarating from the beginning. When I was told by Radha Mohan that I would be choreographing songs for “Kaatrin Mozhi”, I couldn’t control my excitement. Moreover, this happens to be a special one as I had assisted choreography for Jyotika in “Senorita” song years ago. Now to have me on board choreographing for her is a real big bliss.  Lakshmi Manchu has been so much jovial throughout the shooting and we had a great time. Vidaarth actually would request me not to give any steps, but he had to go through a hard way and finally score brownie points in “Dirty Pindari” song.”

Actress Sindhu Shyam said, “I feel so much overjoyed being a part of such a positive team. I belong to a nuclear family, where while reading the script of “Kaatrin Mozhi”, we could relate to something close to our heart. I am sure, everyone will relate themselves as well. I am also elated to see that my son Tejas is playing an important role in the film.”

Actor Manobala said, “The original version didn’t have my role and it was created by Radhamohan for me. Working with Jyotika is not an easy job as she would just outperform you with her expressions. I was really worried when she bid adieu to filmdom after marriage.  But now, I am happy that she is back with a bang amusing us with her performances.”

Actor MS Bhaskar said, “I would say that working with Jyotika was like a brother-sister moment throughout. She is so much supportive to me that she spoke high of me and got me a role in Malayalam movie Kayamakulam Kochuni. So the entire team is filled with people of positive energy and vibrations.”

Producer Dhananjayan said, “The first challenge in “Kaatrin Mozhi” was to complete the film in single stretch as I wanted all the actors to remain so much closer to the characters. When I approached Jyotika whether she can give bulk dates for the film to complete the film in single stretch, she readily said okay. So we as a team had to prepare ourselves for this and now we are happy to see that it has been wrapped on time as planned.”


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