New expressions and emotions

By Nikhil Raghavan

Rooted in Bharatanatyam from a young age of two, Meenakshi Govindrajan struggled to play her debut lead role in Suseenthiran’s Kennedy Club. “But, that gave me the confidence to play my role in the film to the satisfaction of everyone. After having been totally immersed only in dance and not being exposed to any other activity, a sports role was like something alien to me. But, the director, the hero and the entire team gave me all the support and encouragement to do my role,” says Meenakshi who was selected by the accomplished director over a cup of coffee.

Meenakshi has moved up to a slightly bigger league by signing up for Vikram’s Cobra. “It is a crime thriller and I have an important and crucial role in it. Obviously, I cannot reveal anything beyond that as the film is still in the making,” says Meenakshi who is presently completing her third year of VisCom at WCC. “I wanted to complete my education before I take on any more films, but thanks to the pandemic, all my plans are uncertain. Maybe, I will do another film, as the final year’s studies will get extended to 2021,” feels Meenakshi who has her parental roots equally in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.


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