Regal Talkies – All set for a grand start

Producer C. V. Kumar is an excited man these days, looking forward to the next phase in his movie industry career. He is all set to launch his Pay per View Tamil OTT App called Regal Talkies on July 8, 2020. “It’s a dream come true moment. A premiere on my own platform. To start along with 50 released good films. ‬It’s been a while since you had a neat romantic film, a Rom-Com at the same time. ‬And it’s #Miruna for you !

A RomCom short film will be premiering exclusively on Regal Talkies on July 8 at 8 PM. #ThadayamMudhalAdhyayam – A film where the mystery case treats a cop, just away from the usual. Premiering exclusively on Regal Talkies, on July 10 at 8 pm.” says Kumar.


Watch the preview to my OTT channel:

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