SAALAI…shot extensively in Kashmir

Mugilan Cinemas and Thangathulasi productions have titled their joint production as Saalai. Antony Charles, the maker of Nanjupuram and Azhagu Kutti Chellam has written the story, screenplay, dialogues and lyrics in addition to directing the film.

Vishwa, the hero of Eppadi Manasukul Vandhai plays the male lead in the film. Krisha makes her debut as heroine. She had previously played an important role in AzhaguKutti Chellam. Aadukalam Naren, Sruthi, Ajith Maniyan, Preethi Varma and Allan John have essayed important roles in the film.

Saalai has been shot entirely in Kashmir. The Saalai team has shot the film during the snowing season, braving risky and dangerous conditions. Up to now, production teams of Indian films would conduct shooting mostly during the season when there is normal weather. Even then, they would only shoot songs or certain segments for the film.

The film Saalai has been shot continuously for forty-five days in the middle of severe snowfall under dangerous conditions. “Our entire film crew spent each day with the fear that they might not return alive.
Normally all films would have used snowfall only to capture beautiful scenes. But as far as Saalai is concerned, snow is the main thrilling point of the story. Though you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the whole of Kashmir, a big demon called snow would keep frightening you. As between beauty and fearful snow, a visual treat will overwhelm you. You can say that the return of our production team after the shooting was a re-birth for each one of us,” says the director, Charles, still haunted by fear.

Cinematographer G Balamurugan has put together a visual treat amid dangerous snow storms. Ved Shanar, who was the music director for Aahagu Kutti Chellam, has done the music for this film too. SS Murthy has handled art direction while editing has been done by Pravin Bhaskar, with Radhakrishnan looking after production management.


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