Shreekumar Varma’s new book Kipling’s Daughter released

By Nikhil Raghavan

Anglo-Ink, the publishing house owned by Harry MacLure, publisher and editor of Anglos in the Wind, the official mouthpiece of the Anglo-Indian community, has just released their latest title, a fiction by author and playwright, Shreekumar Varma. Released under the auspices of the Madras Book Club, Kipling’s Daughter, as the book is titled is a fictional love story of the not-quite-fictional and much loved author Rudyard Kipling.

The story is narrated through the fictional descendant of Rudyard, named Reuban White and Shreekumar attempts to recreate the world, the mood and typical phrases and expressions associated with the term Anglo-Indian. At the book release event, Shreekumar said, “My earlier books had taken about six or seven years to finish. This one was over in four months… shortest book I have ever written.”  The book is aimed towards the forthcoming World Anglo-Indian Reunion, due to take place in Madras in January 2019.



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