Tapping India’s vast treasure of prints

The Shop is a small business that was set up in 1969 with a focus on designed hand printed textiles, ceramics, glass and cutlery for the home. In the next few years ‘The Shop’ became one of the pioneers in the field of modern printed textiles. Tapping India’s vast treasure of prints and adapting them to the western tastes, The Shop soon became the hot spot in the 1970’s.

The Shop further expanded from prints to experiment with other traditional techniques each year. While we explored say the Bengal Kantha stitch we included an element of the traditional Japanese Sashiko stitch. Our inspirations have been traditional textiles from around the world. We strive to incorporate these age old aesthetics into affordable products for us today. We work with mainly 100% cotton and 100% silk fabrics.

Our workshop in Noida is designed with organic materials, open spaces, and natural light to recreate an environment that inspires crafts people and designers. We use ecologically safe techniques and natural fabrics. We minimize our impact on the environment by using solar energy to heat our water for dyeing, rainwater harvesting for washing, and treating all effluents generated by our production processes.

The Shop today continues to remain committed to promoting traditional crafts and ecologically sustainable production techniques. We work with several craft producer groups such as Kumaon grameen Udyog and Tasar Pradan. We also work with master crafts men and other traditional techniques like Kalamkari to keep these alive.  In addition to this, we work with several NGO’s such as Sai Prem who work with old age homes to create our children’s stuffed toys. We started work with Shrujan and WAMA at the time of the Gujurat Earthquake. Urmul Kasida continues to be one of her favorite NGO’s in garments. We have tied up with AIACA (All India Artisans’ and Craft workers Association) to continue to discover new crafts groups that we can support.

Walk into the store today to find a variety of fun products for yourself!

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