This summer…go wild!

Wild Canopy Reserve
Welcome …To the ‘Selective’ And ‘Un-Usual’, ‘Off-Beat’, ‘Unique’ yet ‘Exclusive’ and ‘Luxe’ holiday experience called Creek N Crag. And our flagship brand – Wild Canopy Reserve -Kallikudar  which is located in a truly pristine, tranquil and tucked-away private property… in an environment richly bio-diverse, and ‘blessed’ with year-round good climate.

Day time activities like  Karambola Barbecue lunches and Cook Outs, Bird Watching, Butterfly spotting, Riverside picnics, and much more are immediately available.

Contact Details:


Email:  for General enquiries
And of course our old but true

Phone: +91 9442526034  and +91 9443280658

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