Unlimited Comedy with a Message

By Nikhil Raghavan

It’s a special for moment for Bharath has his much awaited Aindhaam Thalaimurai Sidha Vaidhiya Sigamani is scheduled for release on this Friday (August 22). As it marks the 25thfilm in the career of Bharath, the actor keeps his fingers crossed that it will be a delightful entertainer for universal audiences.

The actor has experimented so much with significant roles in his career and that includes his mind-blowing six pack in Aindhu Aindhu Aindhu, the actor has chosen his 25th film to be a comedy caper. “I wanted my 25th film to be something different and unique. I have experimented with many roles and genres. When I came across the script by Ravichandran, I found it sensible. The film doesn’t define itself as a comedy genre, but holds a special message on the significance of Siddha medicine and how education is important to everyone.”

While most of the actors prefer their onscreen domain, Bharath has shared screen space with 22 comedy artistes, especially at this crucial point of his career. “One thing I was sure about the script was that it has equal importance to every role. There are scenes, where their domination would elevate the feel of film and I was so much satisfied with such a film. I had a very good experience in this film.”

Sharing his wonderful experience working with Nandita, Bharath says, “She has done a pretty good job and has executed her role with excellence. She has a strong characterisation in this film, which will be liked by everyone.”

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