Hiphop Tamizha’s Naa Our Alien releasing on August 15

Think Music has been a pioneer in breaking the Tamil hiphop genre into the mainstream with Hiphop Tamizha’s debut album “Hiphop Tamizhan” in 2012. It was the first Tamil hiphop album from India.

In an era dominated by Tamil movie music, the success of this non-film music album resonates even today, as a lot of people in South India might associate the term ‘Hiphop’ to an artist rather than a ‘Genre’. Apart from being the biggest Tamil rapper on the planet right now, Hiphop Tamizha is also a successful actor, director, music director, lyricist on another planet.

Now it’s time to bring him home with “Naa Oru Alien”. Yes ! Hiphop Tamizha is back to Non-Film Music.

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