Manjari Musik – On a new musical mission

Manjari Musik is a record label with a vision to develop, expose and nurture new and hidden singing/music talent for the music and film industries. It invites singing and music talents who seek to be recognized, indulge in a passion, catch up on missed opportunities or simply scale the ladder to stardom and freedom.

In close working partnerships with major music labels in India, Manjari Musik provides a high-visibility platform through all available media to hidden talents. It also produces original titles and albums with deserving talents, on its own label. Manjari Musik constantly scouts for new and hidden talents from all cross sections of the society, and specially encourages the underprivileged and differently abled talents into its fold.

Manjari Musik is founded by Maithily PR and Suresh Menon, who are music enthusiasts themselves, and have tremendous experience in the media industry, especially in South India.

Manjari Musik can be contacted through email at

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