Ready to cook?

AwesomeChef is Chennai’s first “Ready-to-cook” Meal Kit Delivery Service and it encourages people to cook at home by eliminating the hassles of shopping and commuting and by reducing the amount of wastage, by providing the exact quantities of the ingredients that a dish requires.

All one has to do is order the dish from the menu available on the site and they take care of the ingredient shopping, measuring, packing and delivering it to your door step.

Not only does this save time and reduce wastage, customers also get to know what goes in each dish. No more secret ingredients that might harm one’s health. “Our customers, especially house-wives or working women have provided us feedback on how our service has made things so easy for them. AwesomeChef is a part of – a website aimed at making cooking quick and easy with over 11,000 recipes,” says their spokesperson.Awesome Cuisine also won the “Best Chennai Blog Award” 2015.


Anjali Anand -
Praveen Kumar -

Mobile: 9840279969

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