The Mumbai underbelly rears its ugly head

The Mumbai underbelly rears its ugly head

By Nikhil Raghavan

Piyush Jha’s fifth crime thriller, Girls of Mumbaistan is a riveting new addition to his Mumbaistan series. He had kickstarted his crime series with Mumbaistan in 2012 and followed it up with Compass Box Killer: An Inspector Virkar crime thriller in 2013 and his next, Anti-Social Network, also a Virkar-centric thriller. Incidentally, Mumbaistan is being adapted into a web-OTT TV show series starring Prateik Babbar as Inspector Virkar. Piyush hopes that his Compass Box Killer and Anti-Social Network will also follow suit, eventually.

Girls of Mumbaistan is a trio of domestic-suspense noir novellas, packed with love, secrets, scheming characters and revenge.There are twists and turns in unexpected places that will have you holding your breath. And the shocking twist-in-the-tale endings will leave you wanting more.

In The Simple Girl, a distraught schoolteacher is sucked into a disastrous maze of deceit to save her dying husband. Along the way she finds that a web of crime is carefully put in place by several people in the network to plan and execute staged accidents and hospitalisation for fleecing the hapless patients and their loved ones.

In Maid for Murder, an impoverished housemaid finds her life spiralling out of control when she tries to help the unhappy couple she works for. Little does she realise that the high-profile couple she works for have their own devious plans to do away with each other and the maid, unwittingly gets entangled in a web of crime and deceit.

In Inspector Hijra, Mumbai’s first transgender police officer puts her precarious reputation and job at risk to unravel the mystery of the abduction of a foreign tourist’s child. On a personal mission to avenge her own childhood, Inspector Rani dives deep into the unsavoury underbelly of crime in the cauldron of Mumbai’s slums and deals effectively with the slumlords.

Piyush Jha draws readers deep into the heart of Mumbaistan, a metaphor for the dark corners and hidden crime in the seething underbelly of Mumbai – a city of dreams for many, but for some, a nightmare. Piyush paints a realistic picture of Mumbai and its world of crime by incorporating real places and locations so that the reader gets to know every inch of the landscape as the stories unfold.







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