The Sustainability Network – Episode 5

The Sustainability Network – Episode 5

The Sustainability Network – Episode 5, presented by Sruti Harihara Subramanian of Goli Soda, features Nisha and Vasanth

Nisha is the Creative Head of Ariro, and her husband Vasanth Kumar is the Business Head of Ariro. They incorporate Montessori principles in designing simple and purposeful toys. Their toys are made with medicinal woods like neem and ivory. They are handcrafted by rural artisans across India. Ariro began when they started searching for Montessori toys for their daughter who was affected by eczema, with her skin reacting to the plastic found in most toys. 

The Sustainability Network is a network of truly amazing brands we’ve had the pleasure of working with and a series of conversations with their founders. The founder, Sruti Harihara Subramanian, has been speaking to them about the journey of their brands, their products, the future of sustainability and more on our Instagram live streams.

Check out their website:

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